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Our Values

Values Make Us Better

We develop and produce with passion and innovation many technologies and solutions that help people living in nature to get from one point to another safely.

Our Values at a Glance.


When we produce for people, we also think about the people who produce. We are aware that we exist with them.

At ARKPRES, life is protected by the values created with a sense of responsibility that emerges with the human mind and focuses on the protection of the human right to life.

The responsibility we are talking about is the importance of responsibility for human life.

Our priority in connecting people to life with confidence is our responsibility, based on and inspired by our values.

“Human” is the first value of ARKPRES.


Our brains are always working to keep us moving forward, even if we don’t realize it. We are born, we crawl and we walk. But always forward, always towards innovation.

For us, the cornerstone of moving forward is the desire for innovation. This desire and passion to move forward constantly guides our way of thinking and our work goals.

For this reason, ARKPRES, as a human organization, always moves forward and towards innovation.

"We are constantly working to produce innovative and environmentally friendly products and solutions with a passion for people to travel safely."
Burak Kasım
General Manager


No achievement is possible without the will and desire to achieve it.

Our passion is for innovation, research, detail, technology, care for people and a livable environment.

Art is actually everywhere. In nature, in our buildings, in the air, in the universe. Our passion is to produce safe, high quality, human-oriented, environmentally sensitive, innovative solutions that are designed as a perfect work of art.

We work with this passion at every step, from idea to product.


When we connect people to life, we also think about other living beings.

Our sensitivity to the environment is an indispensable value for ARKPRES, with life at its center.

Our passion for a livable planet is the main motivation for determining an environmentally sensitive and environmentally respectful method in the design, production and marketing stages of our products and solutions.


Trust is one of the most important things in our lives. Love, peace and belonging are all based on trust.

For us, security is the result of going from one point to another safely, which is the main goal of all the products and solutions we produce.

The products and solutions we present to humanity by producing life-saving solutions are the result of our innovation and passion.

Every person who reaches their loved ones safely is a source of motivation and happiness for us.

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