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Our R&D department has been dedicated to innovation and passionate for advancing technology to better serve our customers.


We are the one of the leading company in the sector with more than half a century of experience and development.

Tested Quality

Our testing facilities, traceability and end-of-line quality control give us the power of quality guarantee.

Testing & Quality Control

Our components are always manufactured and tested using the latest technologies.

As the one of the leading company in the safety industry, We understand the significance of quality and safety. Therefore, We always ensure that the products, solutions and technoloies we create for our clients is industry-leading in terms of quality and safety.

Safer Journeys, Innovation Passion

Innovation is a dynamic process that involves the creation of new ideas, products or services that bring about positive change. It is a vital component of our business growth, as it allows us to stay ahead of their competitors by offering ingenious solutions to challenges.

In a world where adaptability and innovation are critical to survival, innovation is the key to unlocking our potential. With a culture that supports the creativity of true innovation, it is necessary to always move forward and innovate.

In ARKPRES, our open-mindedness and passion for innovation and our insistence on driving technology through innovation enables us to produce value-added, quality and groundbreaking solutions and products at every stage of production. At ARKPRES, we bring technology and innovation together. At this point, we believe in the power of innovation and act with this passion. We know that what sets us apart is the desire to progress and create something new.

Patented Solutions

By leveraging our exclusive intellectual property, we consistently deliver exceptional products that meet the highest quality and reliability standards.
Trust in our patented solutions to safeguard lives and enhance safety in diverse applications, from automotive and transportation to industrial and beyond.

Years Experience
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Registered Solutions
Utility Model Registration
Seat Belt Control, Tracking and In-Vehicle Data Collection System

Where control meets safety

Life is centered in ARKPRES.

Every person safely reunited with their loved ones is a source of motivation and happiness for ARKPRES.

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We’re looking for sparkling people that are the lead of innovation and and help us transform the safety in mobility.

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