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Safety Belts

Master Safety Gadget for Passenger Safety
According to professional analysis, utilizing a seatbelt can lead to a significant decrease of 45% in fatalities.


Seatbelts play a crucial role in securing the passengers of a vehicle in case of a collision or abrupt halt. They are deemed as the primary mechanism to restrain occupants and are instrumental in ensuring their safety by minimizing the likelihood of severe injuries. It is imperative to recognize the significance of seatbelts in enhancing occupant safety.

We produce safety belts that meet global safety standards, ensuring our customers are always safe and secure while on the go. Our safety belts have passed rigorous testing and quality checks and this giving you peace of mind knowing you’re protected by one of the most trusted names in safety.

We take pride in providing a wide range of safety belts that exceed industry standards. Whether you’re a manufacturer or an engineer, we have the perfect safety belt to meet your needs.

Partner with ARKPRES and experience the best in safety. Our commitment to quality and safety is unmatched, making us the preferred choice for many drivers across the globe.

Buckle Up!
Safety is a Click Away

Our safety belts are designed to provide reliable protection to drivers and passengers of commercial vehicles, trucks, construction equipment, tractors, and light rail systems. They are rigorously tested and of high quality, ensuring safety while you work or travel.

For Safer Journeys

Our components are always manufactured and tested using the latest technologies.

Research and Development

Our R&D department has been dedicated to innovation and passionate for advancing technology to better serve our customers.

Tested and Passed

Our testing capabilities gives the power of high quality standards. Every passed product is a badge of trusted safety philosophy.

Regulation Norms

  • ECE R16

    Region: Europe
    Name: Safety Belts

  • FMVSS 302

    Region: USA
    Name: Flammability of Interior Materials

  • SAE J386

    Region: USA
    Name: Operator Restraint System for Off-Road Work Machines

  • ECE R118

    Region: Europe
    Name: Fire Resistance of Interior Materials

  • CMVSS 209

    Region: Canada
    Name: Seat Belt Assemblies

  • CCC

    Region: China
    Name: Safety Belts

  • FMVSS 209

    Region: USA
    Name: Seat Belt Assemblies

  • CMVSS 302

    Region: Canada
    Name: Flammability of Interior Materials

  • VSCC

    Region: Taiwan
    Name: Safety Belts


Beltcheck TSE Service Qualification Certificate

IATF WA 21 AY TR e-cert

IATF WA 21 AY EN e-cert

IATF WA 21 AY DE e-cert

ISO 9001 TR

ISO 9001 EN

ISO 9001 DE

TSE Certificate

CCC Certificate

VCU (Verified Carbon Standard) Certificate

Brand Registration Certificate

Brand Registration Letter

ISO 14001 – 45001 

Engineering Services for Safety Belts

New Product Designing

3D Prototype Services

Engineering Support

Approval Process

Safety Belt Solutions at a Glance


Automatic Locking Retractors


Emergency Locking Retractors


Hybrid Locking Retractors


Wheelchair Tie-Downs and Occupant Safety Belts

How to fasten a safe belt?

1- Adjust the Seat Position
Sit in the seat and adjust the seat position to ensure you can reach the pedals comfortably and see the road clearly.
2- Locate the Safety Belt.
Locate the safety belt. It is usually located on the door or center console of the vehicle.
3- Pull the Safety Belt Across Your Body
Pull the safety belt across your body and ensure it is not twisted.
4- Insert the Latch Plate
Insert the latch plate into the buckle until you hear a click.
5- Ensure it is Securely Fastened
Pull the safety belt to ensure it is securely fastened and adjust it so that it fits snugly across your lap and shoulders.
6- Make Sure No Resting
Make sure the shoulder belt is not resting on your neck or face.
7- Ensure All Passengers Safety
Ensure that all passengers in the vehicle are also wearing their safety belts before driving.
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