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Environment Policy

We are committed to protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. We recognize the impact that our business can have on the planet, and we are dedicated to minimizing that impact through sustainable practices and continuous improvement.

One Aim
One Planet

We possess no alternative habitat to inhabit!

Driving Progress, Enabling Sustainability:
Our Environmental Policy in Action

All our activities are carried out according to applicable environmental laws, regulations and other relevant provisions.

As ARKPRES, we have developed an Environmental Policy in order to protect the natural environment and prevent environmental pollution in the design and production of Seat Belts, Wire Seat Carcasses, Push-Pull Springs, Press Parts and Injection Moulded Plastic Parts for Belt Lower Parts, which we produce and sell.

  1. To carry out our activities in accordance with environmental laws, regulations and other relevant provisions.
  2. To ensure the continuous development of the Environmental Management System.
  3. To continue training activities to improve the environmental awareness of our employees and to ensure their continuous participation.
  4. To be sensitive to the environment while carrying out our activities and to act in accordance with OHS requirements,
  5. To ensure that the Environmental Management System is carried out in accordance with legal requirements and legislation.
  6. To reduce the consumption of all natural resources used during production.

ARKPRES Environmental Policy

VERRA Verified Carbon Standard


  1. To provide the safest and healthiest working environment in our workplaces to meet all legal working conditions.
  2. To eliminate the dangers of events that threaten the safety of life and property such as accidents, illness, injury, fire.
  3. To operate within the framework of this policy in the design, operation and maintenance of production and support departments, all facilities and equipment.
  4. To ensure that all employees fully comply with existing occupational safety rules and procedures.
  5. Employees and management shall use their best endeavours to comply with this policy and comply with the requirements of the management system and continuously improve this system.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy